How much does a plumber cost?

July 23, 2010
Chances are some time in the not to distant future you're going to need a plumber! Perhaps you do already..
When that time comes, how much are you going to pay?
Well obviously that depends on the size of the job!
So you would really need to determine how many hours the job will take to complete and the plumbers hourly rate.
Plumbers hourly rates vary. In the case of a maintenance plumber sometimes the rate is charged in 15 minute intervals in addition to a callout.
Generally speaking regardless of how it's charged you would be expecting at least $90 an hour plus call out and often up to $140 an hour. Emergency plumbing rates are far higher. 
And how do you know how long the job will take? How fast or slow will they work?
It all sounds like a rip off!
Well if your plumber isn't licensed it certainly is. 
 When you consider the responsabilities of a licensed plumber however their fees make more sense.  
A licensed plumber warrants their workmanship for 7 years. 
 A plumbers work, if inferior has the potential to destroy your home by fire or flooding.  
All licensed plumbing and gas fitting work requires the submission of paperwork and fees. 
Insurance fees are also high.
Western Australia has some of the highest plumbing standards in the world. 
 These regulations ensure your health and safety.  
 So when choosing a plumber don't get to caught up on cheapest. Perhaps instead honest, reliable and LICENSED!
 The most important part is to get the job done properly and long after you've forgotten the bill you will have the peace of mind that comes with quality workmanship.
One Price Plumbing provides that peace of mind with the added convenience of knowing the cost before hand.
So if you haven't yet found a plumber your happy with, contact us and we'll strive to change that.



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